Gallup: Democrats Who 'Will Definitely Vote' at 16-Year Low

Only 65% of Dems say they'll 'definitely vote' in November

Uninspired by their choice for president, Democrats who "will definitely vote" in the fall election is at a 16-year low, according to a new survey.

Just 65 percent of Democrats plan to vote in the election, and it's just 47 percent among all voters aged 18-34, a trend that has the party worried about the lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Republicans hold an 11-point advantage in those planning to vote, 76 percent to 65 percent, but the GOP vote is also at a 16-year low, but by three points compared to nine for the Democrats.

Gallup said, "Still, by 76 percent to 65 percent, Republicans remain more likely than Democrats to say they will definitely vote — a gap that is similar to 2012, but higher than in previous elections. Further, the 65 percent of Democrats saying they will definitely vote is well below their average for the prior four presidential elections (77 percent), whereas the 76 percent of Republicans saying they will definitely vote is only a bit lower than their prior average (81 percent)."