VIDEO----> Judge Napolitano: Hillary Continuing To 'Maintain the Facade' That She's Been Telling the Truth

Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Hillary Clinton continued to "maintain the facade that she's been telling the truth" in her "Fox News Sunday" interview.

He explained that while discussing the FBI investigation into her private email server, Clinton told Chris Wallace that FBI Director James Comey said she had been "truthful."

"Director Comey said as far as he knew she was truthful in her three-hour interview with the FBI," Judge Napolitano said. "Director Comey said the opposite about what she told the Benghazi Committee and what she's told the American public."

Napolitano said it is a fact that Clinton sent or received more than 100 items that were marked "secret" or "top secret," of which five had the most classified marking, "Select Access Privilege."

He explained that to send, receive or open those items, Clinton would have had to enter a continuously changing alpha-numeric code.

via Fox News