'Two Americas': New Trump Ad Hammers Hillary Clinton on the Economy

'Almost September and this is Trump's 2nd ad of the general?  This should have been his 30th ad hammering Hillary for everything she's ever said and pointing out all the corruption she's been involved with since 1992, but sadly, this is on the second.

This is his second TV spot of the general election campaign but it’s backed by bigger bucks than the first one, on immigration, was. That ad received an initial buy of $4.8 million to air in four key battleground states. This one’s getting $10 million to air in nine battlegrounds, the big three of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania plus North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Virginia, and Colorado. Why Team Trump is wasting money on those last two states, I’m not sure: They’re all but goners and he doesn’t need them to win on his most probable electoral path to 270