Trump: Only Way Hillary Can Win Pennsylvania Is if They Cheat in Certain Areas of the State

Trump is being attacked for this statement but if you look at the election results in Pennsylvania in 2012, Trump's statement here is accurate and the media, every single one of them know it. There were nearly 60 precincts in and around Philadelphia where Mitt Romney didn't get ONE SINGLE SOLITARY VOTE, which is impossible with tens of thousands of votes cast. Even in the most Republican counties in the country, for example, Blount County, Alabama where Romney won nearly 90% of the county, Barack Obama got nearly 3,000 votes. It's impossible to get zero. I have no doubt this is what Trump is talking about here.

Mitt Romney won 55 of PA's 67 counties and still lost the state by 5 points

In 2012, Mitt Romney received not one vote in 59 precincts around Philly (19,600 votes to 0).
The same happened to John McCain in 2008