Rush: Khizr Khan Is the Democrats New Cindy Sheehan (AUDIO)

Rush on his radio show today goes off on the Democrats for using Khizr Khan as a 'prop' to attack Donald Trump. 

This is the same Democrat party that attacked Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who was killed in Benghazi. The media and the Dems have no use for Pat Smith because she doesn't fit the narrative and Rush says she's not invited on because they don't want criticism of Hillary Clinton 

But Mr. Khan has bern absolutely everywhere on the news in the last few days to trash Trump and Rush calls them out on it.

"It is clear that he and his wife were put on that stage as props"

"What did the Democrats do to Pat Smith? First they trashed her and then they fact-checked her"

Here's is the NEW AUDIO: Take a listen.