Pastor Abedini Says Iran Wouldn’t Release American Prisoners Until ‘Another Plane’ Landed

Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other Americans held by Iran said they had to wait for another plane to arrive before they were allowed to depart.
Which proves 1) This was a ransom payment from the Adm. to the Gov't of Iran. 2) Obama lied once again.

via theblaze
One of the Americans recently released by Iran says their departing flight was delayed for hours while their captors waited for another plane to arrive. The Obama administration delivered $400 million in foreign cash by plane the same day Iran released the prisoners.
They said, ‘We are waiting for another plane and until that plane [arrives], we never let you go,’” Pastor Saeed Abedini told Fox Business Network on Thursday.
When asked if he believed the U.S. government paid a “ransom” to free him and the other Americans, Abedini didn’t provide a direct answer. However, he argued Iran likely won’t use the money for good.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier connected the dots between Abedini’s story and the $400 million payment, but also admitted the evidence is still “circumstantial.” 

I find this troubling:
Obama has no problem paying $400 million to Iran, a state sponsor of terror. But he was willing to cut off ALL Federal funding to North Carolina over their rejection of transgender bathrooms.