New Florida Poll: Trump 43%, Hillary Clinton 41%

This is the first poll showing Trump in the lead since the second week of July according to RCP

The new poll of 1,200 likely Florida voters was taken from August 19-22

Donald Trump edges Hillary Clinton in Florida, a new poll shows.

On Wednesday, a day after St. Leo University released a poll showing Clinton beating Trump by 14 percent in the Sunshine State, Florida Atlantic University’s  Business and Economics Polling Initiative released a poll showing the Republican ahead.

Trump pulls 43 percent in the FAU poll while Clinton takes 41 percent. Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who is running again on the Libertarian line, gets 8 percent while 5 percent are undecided.

Both candidates are upside down in Florida. Trump is seen as favorable by 41 percent while 56 percent view him as unfavorable. Clinton is seen as favorable by 40 percent while 58 percent view her as unfavorable.

Men go for Trump 46 percent to 36 percent but women break Clinton’s way 45 percent to 41 percent. Almost half -- 49 percent--of white voters are for Trump while 33 percent are for Clinton. The Democrat gets 50 percent of Hispanics while 40 percent are for Trump. African Americans are for Clinton 68 percent to 20 percent.