Less Than Half of Republicans Pleased With Trump as Nominee


gallup reported:
•46% of Republicans satisfied with Trump as GOP nominee
•56% of Democrats are satisfied with Clinton as party's nominee
•Young Democrats most likely to wish nominee were someone else

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Less than half of Republicans, 46%, are pleased that Donald Trump is their party's presidential nominee, while a slight majority, 52%, wish their party had nominated someone else. Democrats are more satisfied with Hillary Clinton, with 56% saying they are pleased while 42% wish someone else were the Democratic Party's nominee

Neither of these assessments is a ringing endorsement; both represent pretty much the status quo compared with results from other Gallup questions, asked before the July conventions, which measured satisfaction with the party's nominee or likely nominee. For example, two Gallup surveys in May showed 48% and 51% of Republicans were pleased with the prospect of Trump as the GOP nominee, slightly higher than his current post-convention 46%.