Leon Panetta Says American People Should ‘Move On’ From Clinton Emails

Leon Panetta, who was Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1994-1997 wants to move on. There's nothing there.
He was grilled by ABC's Martha Raddatz on ABC This Week

Clinton supporter and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called on the public to “move on” from Hillary Clinton’s emails and instead focus on the "real issues."

“It's been investigated, no action has been taken by the Justice Department,"They found no basis for any kind of action.”  "I really do think it's time for the candidates and for the American people to move on and talk about the real issues,” he said.

Martha Raddatz asked Panetta about allegations that the State Dept under Clinton improperly gave favors to Clinton Foundation donors and if he agrees with the campaign's implication over the past week that allegations surrounding the foundation are part of a "conspiracy" against the Democratic nominee.

Panetta said that as far as he knows no one has been able to pin down that State Department aides did anything for foundation donors. As to the campaign's claims of a conspiracy, Panetta said it's just "politics."