Judge Napolitano: 'Hillary's Candidacy Would End If She Told Truth About Emails' (VIDEO)

No doubt.

Hillary Clinton claimed that James Comey concluded that she had always told the truth about her private email server.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that Comey was referring to the FBI's private interrogation of Clinton, not other public statements by Clinton. Napolitano said the question from Wallace was clear and that Clinton's answer was clear and also "untrue."

He explained that in order to try to correct that false statement, she told two more lies on Friday, including that she never knowingly received or sent classified information in her emails.

Napolitano noted that there was no recording or transcript made of Clinton's FBI interview, calling that "unheard of." He said that Clinton is now being forced to avoid questions about her emails while she piles "lies on top of lies."

"If she were to tell the truth today, which is 'I did send state secrets and those state secrets were probably hacked,' I would think the uproar would be so tumultuous that the Democratic National Committee would remove her from the ticket. But that is the truth as we know it," said Napolitano.