Fox News Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Trump By 10 Points

Losing more ground...

Hillary Clinton 49%, Donald Trump 39%

Trump said yesterday on the campaign trail in Florida that things were 'going well' and 'running smoothly'

Not so...

The internals are much worse.
Trump leads by 5 points among men, but among women voters, Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 23 points. Mitt Romney lost women voters to Obama by only 11 points in 2012.
If the vote in November is anything close to this, it will be an absolute wipeout, plain and simple.
Trump can go on the campaign trail and say things are fine, look at the size of this crowd...
It means nothing.

More bad news...
These are new polls out today-
Michigan- Hillary Clinton by 9 points 41-32  (Detroit News/WDIV)
Pennsylvania- Clinton leads by 11 points 49-38  (Franklin&Marshall)
New Hampshire- Clinton by 17 points 51-34  (WBUR)

Not good.