CNN Guest: Trump a 'Loud Mouth Dick' Who is 'On a Suicide Mission' To Take Down the GOP

And there's no reaction from the CNN host, none. There's no -please don't use that language if you don't mind- from Anderson Cooper. He just goes on and asks another question

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper didn’t even wince Wednesday night when a female political consultant appeared on his program and called GOP presidential contender Donald Trump “a dick.”

Liz Mair, a consultant and new media advisor, appeared on CNN. Cooper asked if she had any hope that Trump could be reined in the next several months.

Asked about calling the GOP candidate “a dick” on national TV, Mair told The Mirror she had no regrets.

“I lost all hope of that probably six or seven months ago,” she said. “His message is being a loud mouth. I had another word in mind, but ‘dick’ literally did slip out. An accident, but I’ll admit, not one I exactly regret. I think my description was accurate. Maybe next time I’ll use ‘douchecanoe.'” (thedc)