Bill Cunningham: Why Trump Will Lose Ohio and Lose the Presidency (AUDIO)

Radio talk show host Bill Cunningham gives a sobering assessment of what is going to happen in Ohio come November. He says Trump may think his strategy will carry the state of Ohio, but Cunningham says Trump is sadly mistaken, and I agree totally...

On his radio show, Cunningham says he know Ohio and Donald Trump 'doesn't have a clue how Ohio works and doesn't seems to be interested at all'....

Why Trump is gonna lose in November according to Bill Cunningham-

-Democratic Party is spending tens of millions of dollars in Ohio everyday.
-Voting in Ohio starts 35 days before the election
-Clinton has dozens of campaign field offices in Ohio
-Plans in place to open more
-Team Clinton has hundreds of paid staffers in Ohio
-Clinton has hundreds of volunteers in Ohio
-Clinton campaign is registering hundreds of voters on college campuses everyday
-Democratic Party is 100% behind Clinton in Ohio
-Ohio's Republican Governor refuses to endorse or even meet with Trump
-Trump making speeches while Clinton is putting together a get out the vote effort.
-There's no Trump campaign in Ohio whatsoever
-No Trump field offices in Ohio
-No Trump robocalls in Ohio
-No Trump mailers in Ohio
-No TV ads behind run in Ohio, Clinton has run 14K
-No radio ads being run by the Trump campaign
-No Trump ground game anywhere, in any city in Ohio
-Republican Party officials in Ohio have no contact with Trump campaign
-You can't win Ohio by making speeches and sending out tweets
-If Trump loses Ohio, Hillary Clinton is the next president
-Trump doesn't have a clue how to win  -Bill Cunningham