VIDEO-----> Chaos At RNC: Fight Nearly Erupts After Alex Jones Crashes Young Turks Live Show

CLEVELAND — In a surreal moment at "media row," where anchors have been broadcasting live from the Republican National Convention, right-wing radio host Alex Jones and political consultant Roger Stone interrupted liberal commentator Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and the confrontation devolved into a screaming match.

As dozens of TV and radio hosts from all over the country looked on, Jones, carrying a microphone and escorted by an entourage, some with video cameras, marched to the Young Turks' stage Thursday night, just a few hours before Donald Trump accepted his nomination for president.

After Jones asked an associate to "point em out," he interrupted Uygur practically mid-sentence by shoving his microphone into his face and asking him a series of questions.

Uygur was cordial at first, but things turned ugly when Jones handed him a shirt with the word "rape" written beneath an image of President Bill Clinton, and a fight nearly ensued when Stone jumped into the fray.

WATCH HERE-- All of this is started by Alex Jones, people have to come in and separate the two.
It starts at the 1 minute mark: