Trump Tells Lawmakers in D.C. He’ll Put Blue States in Play

Oh great!  When will we start seeing some evidence of that?
Right now, Donald Trump is not even ahead in battleground states. Florida is tied. Clinton is ahead by 2 in Pennsylvania, 1 point in Ohio, 5 in New Hampshire, 2 in North Carolina, 2 in Iowa, 1 in Colorado and she's ahead by 8 points in Wisconsin. Not to mention Hillary Clinton spent $120M in 8 battleground states in June compared to Trump's (wait for it) ZERO. But hey, Trump is gonna put deep blue states like Michigan, Washington and Oregon in play.

This statement from Trump is absolutely absurd and not supported by any of the polls.

thehill  reported:
Donald Trump on Thursday told House Republicans he will win in blue states that a GOP presidential nominee hasn’t carried in 30 years or more.

In his first meeting with the House Republican conference, Trump said he will put Oregon, Washington, Connecticut and Michigan in play. The Republican nominee has not won Michigan or Connecticut since 1988 and has not won Oregon or Washington since 1984.

“He never stopped talking about that. … He says he can put them all in play and was giving different poll numbers,” said Rep. Peter King.

“The reaction was very positive. I’ve been in politics a long time, so I can be cynical. There was very little cynicism in the room.”

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), chairman of the House Republican campaign arm, said he was startled that Trump mentioned his home state. Walden, the only Oregon Republican serving in Congress, said he immediately emailed his pollster to find out if what Trump said was true.
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