Trump: ‘I’ll Probably Do a Super PAC’ To Defeat Ted Cruz and John Kasich

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump confirmed a Bloomberg report that he is interested in setting up Super PAC to defeat Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich from Ohio when they next run for office.

Transcript from Meet the Press:
TODD: All right. Ted Cruz, I’m going to mend it, are you really going to fund a super PAC to help defeat Hillary in 2018?

TRUMP: Well, it’s not the number one thing on my mind. Look, what’s on my mind is beating Hillary Clinton. What’s on my mind is winning for the Republican Party. With that being said, yeah, I’ll probably do a super PAC, you know, when they run, against Kasich for 10 to $20 million dollars. Against Ted Cruz —

TODD: All right.

TRUMP: And maybe one other person that I’m thinking about.

TODD: Who’s that one other person?

TRUMP: I won’t tell you that. I mean, he’s actually such a small person I hate to give him the publicity. But yes, I will probably do that at the appropriate time but I’m not going to do that until —