Obama Sending 560 More Troops To Iraq, Bringing the Total to 4,600

The U.S. troops will go 25 miles outside of Mosul and prepare to retake the city from ISIS

cnn.com reported:
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who arrived in Baghdad Monday, announced the U.S. is sending 560 additional troops to Iraq as part of the stepped-up fight against ISIS.

Most of the troops will be stationed at the recently recaptured Qarayyah airfield, which is about 25 miles south of Mosul and will be a key staging area for the upcoming U.S. and Iraqi effort to retake that city from the terror group.

President Barack Obama approved the deployment, which brings the new troop cap will to 4,647.

A senior U.S. military official said the number of additional troops is what Gen. Sean MacFarland, commander of the coalition against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, had asked for, and the official added that there could additional troop requests in the future.

Carter said the additional troops had will deploy in days or weeks and had already received their orders.

Flashback Obama on Iraq:
 "There's not gonna be a military solution to this problem, there's no amount of American Firepower that's gonna be able to hold the country together"