VIDEO-------> NRA launches Ad Featuring Benghazi Survivor: "Stop. Hillary. Now."

Awesome ad-

"I served in Benghazi, some of my friends didn't make it"

This is going up in 6 battleground states

The political arm of the NRA released a new ad Wednesday focusing on Hillary Clinton and features a survivor of the Benghazi attack criticizing the former secretary of state.

The ad stars Mark Geist, a Marine Corps veteran who provided security services in Benghazi, discussing the 2012 attacks. "Hillary as president? No thanks," Geist says.

"I served in Benghazi. My friends didn't make it. They did their part. Do yours," he continues, as the words "Trump 2016" appear on screen.

Jennifer Baker, Director of Public Affairs for the NRA's lobbying arm, confirmed to CNN that the ad is backed by a $2 million buy and will air in battleground states such as Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, in addition to the second congressional district of Maine, which splits its electoral votes.

It is the largest pro-Trump ad buy from an outside group during the campaign so far. (via CNN)