VIDEO----> ABC's Jon Karl Gets Dem Senator to Admit His Gun Control Proposal Would Not Work

Nice job by Jon Karl

In a shocking development in the push for gun-control, Senator Chris Murphy, who filibustered for 15 hours regarding the issue, admitted Sunday on ABC’s This Week that his proposal would not have stopped any recent mass shooting. “Your proposal would have done nothing in the case of Orlando, it would have done nothing to stop the killing in San Bernardino,” stated ABC’s Jon Karl calling out Murphy, “And in fact, it was unrelated to the killing in Newtown.”

The proposal Murphy has been pushing is one that is meant to close the mythical “gun show loophole.” “Would that have done anything to stop the massacre in Orlando,” Karl asked Murphy. The Senator tried to explain that his proposal had to work in conjunction with other proposals to be effective.

Karl again called out Murphy by pointing to the fact that terrorist Omar Mateen didn’t purchase his firearms at a gun show and passed a background check anyway