Trump Raises $11 MILLION DOLLARS In Just 48 Hours.

The Mainstream Media and spineless Republican critics were out in force earlier this week bemoaning Donald Trump’s lack of a political fundraising operation. Team Trump shrugged off the criticism and then proceeded to initiate a fundraising effort that saw a groundswell of support from backers both great and small who quickly amassed a remarkable $11 million dollars into the coffers of Team Trump and the RNC.

Much to the chagrin of the Clinton Machine and Trump’s critics, it doesn’t appear the New York billionaire will have any trouble raising campaign cash

The astonishing 48-hour $11 million mark was reported on by CNN just this morning.

Lean and mean appears to be Donald Trump’s political battle theme in 2016, and the results would so far indicate he has done remarkably well by that rule.

In addition to his cash haul, Trump is also enjoying a just as recent bump in the all-important battleground state polls, indicating

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