Poll: Trump Holds Only 3 Point Lead in Deep-Red Utah

So how exactly is Trump going to win California when he's only ahead by single digits in possibly THE MOST Republican state in America?

George W. Bush carried Utah by 45 points in 2004 and Trump is 3 points ahead of Hillary today? This doesn't look good.

Donald Trump only holds a slim lead over Hillary Clinton in a three-way match-up in Utah, suggesting the deep-red state could be in play during the general election.

Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is supported by 29 percent of registered voters in Utah, according to a poll released this week from Florida-based Gravis Marketing, with Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, following closely at 26 percent.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson takes 16 percent support in the poll, while another 29 percent opted for someone else. "I love Utah," Johnson tweeted, linking to the polling.
Utah hasn't gone to a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, but voters in the state have shown strong reservations about Trump. The New York businessman placed last in the GOP primary there in March.

Mitt Romney, the GOP's last nominee, won his home state of Utah with more than 70 percent of the vote in 2012. He has been a leading voice among Republicans who say they won't vote for Trump or Clinton.