POLL: Nearly Half of Florida Voters Want Rubio To Run For Reelection

Why on earth at age 44 Marco Rubio decided to give up his powerful Florida Senate seat to run for president against 16 other Republicans, where it was almost certain he would come up short is anybody's guess. That has to be the dumbest move by anybody in this presidential cycle. Why, Marco? Why?

Despite Marco Rubio's comments to the contrary, about half of Florida voters surveyed in a poll released Monday say the Republican senator should run for reelection.

49% of Florida voters say Rubio should seek reelection, according to a Mason-Dixon poll, while 39 percent say he should not and 12 percent are unsure.

Republican primary voters in the Sunshine State overwhelming say that Rubio should seek reelection: 77% say he should, while 16 percent say he should not.

The poll also found divided support for the Republicans currently battling to take Rubio's seat. Carlos Beruff is supported by 17 percent of likely GOP primary voters, Rep. David Jolly has the backing of 13 percent, Rep. Ron DeSantis is at 10 percent, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera is at 9 percent and Todd Wilcox has 2 percent.

Rubio said last month that he might consider running for reelection if Lopez-Cantera, a close friend, wasn't in the race.