George Takei: 'Donald Trump Is Not Gonna Win, And That I'm Definitely Sure of”

I'm thinking Sulu has been exposed to a few too many dilithium crystals. Here he is on MSDNC with Steve Kornacki saying Trump isn't going to win and that Dems should 'vote blue, no matter who' which is another way of saying Bernie supporters should begin coalescing around Hillary

Tuesday morning on MSNBC Live, host Steve Kornacki had liberal actor turned activist George Takei on as a guest. Gone are the days where Star Trek fans remember George Takei as their beloved Mr. Sulu. Now, he has coined the phrase #VoteBlueNoMatterWho, and is encouraging Democrats around the country, specifically Californians, to keep their eye on the prize and get behind Hillary Clinton.

In a video that went viral over the last month with over two million views, George Takei encourages Bernie Sanders supporters to fall in line with Clinton.