Clinton Leads Trump By 3 Points In New Fox News Poll

'Hard to believe it's not more with the dozens and dozens of glowing stories Hillary has received when she crossed the delegate threshold a few days ago. Trump, on the other hand received nothing but bad press in the last 7 days.


Donald Trump's support has dropped as Hillary Clinton now leads the businessman in a national poll released Thursday evening.

Clinton leads Trump by 3 points, 42 to 39 percent, in a Fox News poll, a reversal of their positions in the race since a Fox poll released last month.

Trump's support has dropped 6 points since mid-May, while Clinton's has remained the same from last month's poll that found Trump leading 45 to 42 percent after his last GOP rivals dropped out.

The businessman's support among self-identified Republicans has dropped 3 points in the past several weeks while he's fallen 11 points among independents, according to the latest poll.

Trump and Clinton remain largely disliked, with a majority of voters saying that both candidates lack the integrity to be president – 54 percent for Clinton, and 58 percent for Trump.