California School Bans Third-Grader From Wearing Pro-Trump Hat (VIDEO)

Some students were offended, and we just can't have that.

KSEE Reported:
Logan Autry just wanted to wear his favorite red hat to school.

So the 9-year-old wore the unmistakable baseball cap emblazoned with Donald Trump's 2016 presidential slogan — Make America Great Again — to school in Fresno, California. Thus the acrimony that has defined Trump's election bid found its way from the campaign trail to the classroom of a third-grader.

Autry told KSEE that fellow students at Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School confronted him.  "They were saying they didn't like Trump," Logan told the station. "They were saying he was stupid."

Logan had just gotten the hat during Trump's recent campaign rally in Fresno, and he'd even had it had signed. So when the school's principal asked Logan to remove it, he refused, and the boy's family kept him home for a day, his uncle told the station.

"They should be able to freely express [themselves] without fear of being beat up or harassed," the uncle, Zacc Autry, told KSEE.  
According to district code, hats are permitted outside of the classroom but if they become a distraction, they can ask students to not wear them.

Video: Hat was a 'distraction'... Caused 'safety concern'