Middle-Schooler Accused of Felony After Giving Cafeteria Worker A $2 Bill

Nobody at the school had ever seen a $2 bill.
They called the police

12news.com reported:
HOUSTON - When an eighth-grader tried to use her $2 bill at middle school school cafeteria she was slapped with a pending investigation.

Denesiah Neal, 14, was accused of third-degree felony counterfeiting after offering the bill at Christ McAuliffe Middle School.

After the accusations, the matter was turned over to the police. The bill was given to the girl by her grandmother, who was contacted by school officials.

It eventually made its way to a bank for examination and was confirmed as real. The middle schooler eventually got the $2 bill back, but without an apology.

Neal underwent an investigation and got no lunch all because the cafeteria worker didn't know that a $2 bill was a thing.