Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Legal Situation Presently - "Grave or Worse Than Grave" (VIDEO)

"A continuing cascade of bad legal news for her" is the way Napolitano sums it up. The Judge tells Harris Faulkner this afternoon on Fox News Report that originally, he though all this would all go away, but now says Hillary Clinton is in legal trouble.

Andrew Napolitano also reacts to Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta's memo to supporters today saying, hey, if Hillary Clinton knew she was doing something wrong, of course she would have taken necessary steps to correct it. (Yeah)

This is sorta new territory for the Clintons, usually when you're caught in a scandal, you just go out and lie and that takes care of it with a little help from the press. But not the email scandal, it seems to just keep getting worse.

Here's Napolitano on Hillary- Situation is 'grave'