Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Flips off Trump, Again Says He's Not Going to Pay For the F*cking Wall

This is the same guy who apologized to Trump less than a week ago for dropping the F-Bomb
He is a real piece of work.

Vicente Fox is now calling Trump a 'demagogue' and 'false prophet'

nbc news reported: 
Former Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox may have apologized for his crass language while referring to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's calls to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico he backpedaled and repeated himself.

"I'm not going to pay for the f**king wall," Fox said. "And please don't take out the f**king full word."  On Tuesday, Vicente Fox recanted his apology and repeated himself in an interview with Ben Mathis on the Kickass Politics podcast.

"Wake up Americans," Fox warned. "He is a false prophet." "Think about it, analyze what he's proposing," Fox continued. "Count the amount of lies he says in every speech, everyday he lies and lies with figures because his sole interest is to do personal business."

Fox likened Trump's rhetoric to "demagogues" in Latin America, comparing him to Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales.

"He is the hated gringo because he is attacking all of us," Fox said. "He is offending all of us. Imagine, that could take us to a war — not to a trade war."