Bill Clinton: Republicans 'Say Terrible Things' About Hillary

Bill: Republicans 'will do anything to delegitimize' her.
Yeah, the Clintons have never engaged in this type of behavior.

Washington Examiner
Bill Clinton dismissed repeated attacks by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders during a rally in North Dakota on Friday. The former president defended his wife Hillary, saying the GOP will do anything to "delegitimize" its opponents. "I know the Republicans have been mean to her and they say terrible things.

You gotta respect 'em - they're good at this. They delegitimize the people they don't like. They aren't in the habit of attacking people they're not scared of," Clinton told the crowd at the Fargo, N.D., rally at Rheault Farm.

"They try to sucker punch the rest of us into nominating people they think they can really devour if they get a hold of them," Clinton said.

But he walked back his criticism of Sanders, adding that the fights within the Democratic Party have "been real."