Trump: "Waste of time" for Ted Cruz to Pick VP...He 'Has No Path to Victory'

Trump says Cruz is just 'trying to stay relevant' after last night's wipeout

GOP front-runner Donald Trump called Ted Cruz's anticipated running mate announcement a ruse to stay relevant and a "waste of time."

"Cruz has no path to victory - he is only trying to stay relevant," Trump said in a statement Wednesday. "... Senator Cruz has millions of votes less than me and is being clobbered on the delegate front, this is a pure waste of time."

In the statement, Trump compared Cruz's announcement Wednesday to a pact he made with Ohio Gov. John Kasich earlier this week, in which he said the two would collaborate to stop the businessman from reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination.

"It reminds me very much of the already failed Kasich "collusion" - a desperate attempt to save a failing campaign by an all talk, no action politician," Trump said. "The people of Indiana are very smart - they will see through this just like they saw through the already failed Kasich alliance."

Current AP Delegate count-
Trump now has 987
There are 583 delegates remaining