Trump Leads By 16 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania votes on April 26 and has 71 Delegates - Winner take all

Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz leads 16 points in Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.

A Monmouth University survey of the GOP presidential race released Thursday morning found Trump taking 44 percent support, followed by Ted Cruz, at 28 percent, and John Kasich, at 23 percent.

There are 71 delegates up for grabs in Pennsylvania, making it the largest prize of the five states that will vote on April 26.

However, even if Trump holds his lead into election day, he’ll only secure 17 delegates based on the statewide vote. The remaining 54 delegates are elected directly by voters and not bound to the popular vote. 

“It looks like Trump should be able to bank the 17 statewide delegates in Pennsylvania,” said Monmouth pollster Patrick Murray. “The real question is how the directly elected district delegates will vote at the convention in July.”