The Ted Cruz 'Bribing Delegate' Video

I first saw this one over at FR, posted late Friday night.
They got Ted Cruz this time, and it's all caught on camera

Here's the video-
It's just awful. Ted Cruz slips (looks like a ten or a five) to a 'delegate' who just happens to be in a crowd getting signatures from Cruz after a rally.

The rest of the story->

How about that 'delegate' taking cash (in front of hundreds of people) from Ted Cruz?
The ‘delegate’ is actually Bruce Redden, a Cruz staffer, collecting things that people hand Ted Cruz as he shakes hands, signs books, and takes pictures after every event, The money is a $5 donation that a supporter gave to their small child to hand to the senator, along with a picture the child drew.  
The headline (above) at FR and at YouTube is absurd.