Rove: 1,237 Delegates Is Now a "High Bar" For Donald Trump...'It's Going to Be Awfully Hard to Get There'

Karl Rove runs the current numbers and admits that yes, Trump will likely have a good week next week and the week after on his 'home turf' (NY, Connecticut, Delaware, RI) but after that, he'll have a much tougher terrain.

According to Rove, Trump has 743 delegates as of now, there will be only 769 delegates outstanding (after NY and the other April 26 states)  that would mean Trump needs 68.5% of those remaining delegates to get to 1,237.  Currently, Rove says, Trump is only getting 45% of the delegates.

The Trump Campaign believes they will end up with 1,270 after all this is said and done.

Rove warns Trump that he must start uniting the party if he wants to win in November.  That he has got to bring together the people who opposed him and unify Republicans as he goes into the general election. Karl Rove tells Greta that he is 'distressed' over Trump's recent comments about unity being overstated.

Watch here----> Trump not likely to get there