Poll: 62% Say Republican with Most Votes Should Be Nominee

Cruz: Convention delegates have the final say

More than six in 10 Republican voters believe that, if no GOP presidential candidate wins a majority of delegates before the convention, the one with the most votes should be the party's nominee, according to a new national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

That's compared with 33 percent of Republicans who say the nominee instead should be the candidate whom convention delegates think would be the party's best standard-bearer.

These numbers come as it's possible that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump won't secure a majority of delegates once primary voting concludes on June 7, despite having won more votes, states and delegates than his Republican rivals.

"I have millions of more votes than [Ted] Cruz, you know, if you add up the different primaries. Millions. And millions more than [John] Kasich," Trump said recently in Pittsburgh.

But Cruz counters that those millions more votes won't matter if Trump doesn't have a majority of delegates. "If we go to a contested convention where nobody has a majority, it will be the delegates who were elected by the people who make the final decision," he told NBC's Chuck Todd