PHOTO + VIDEO----> Russian Fighter Jets Aggressively Fly Over U.S. Destroyer In International Waters

USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) was operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea when the destroyer experienced several close interactions by Russian aircraft on April 11 and 12. (US NAVY PHOTO)

Russian warplanes have made several "aggressive" passes near a US guided missile destroyer, according to US military sources. The jets carried no visible weapons but failed to respond when hailed, officials say.

The pilots flew "dangerously close" to the US destroyer Donald Cook in Baltic Sea, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Wednesday.

According to US military officials, two Russian Su-24 jets began maneuvering near the ship on Monday, flying at an altitude of some 100 feet. The ship allegedly had a Polish helicopter on board, and was located in international waters, some 70 nautical miles from the Russian exclave Kaliningrad.

Here's video--->
It wasn't just one pass, it was quite a few, the last one is dangerously close