Paul Ryan to Formally Rule Out White House Bid (Again)

If Paul Ryan is serious, maybe he should stop putting out campaign videos on his House Speaker YouTube page.

BTW, the Observer reported yesterday that Paul Ryan will attend a "secret meeting" with "GOP money men" in New York City next week.

But today, Paul Ryan will hold a presser at 3:15 saying no way, none of this Prez talk is true...

House Speaker Paul Ryan will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon to again definitively rule out a White House bid this year, according to an aide.

Ryan will appear at the Republican National Committee's headquarters on Capitol Hill Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.

Ryan (R-Wis.) has ruled out running for president multiple times, but the denials have not stuck. He has said he believes the 2016 GOP nominee should be chosen from the pool of more than two dozen candidates who have run for the job.