LISTEN-----> Sean Hannity Goes Off on Ted Cruz During Radio Interview: 'You've Gotta Stop'...'I'm Getting Sick of It'

If you listen to this interview, it is clear that all Hannity wanted was for Ted Cruz to explain this process of gaining delegates in these states that have voterless elections, and also states that have already been decided. Sean tells Ted Cruz that he's heard from many, many people concerned about the integrity of the election and they want some answers.

 Ted Cruz immediately says that the only people who are asking about this is the hardcore Trumpsters.  Hannity, understandably losing patience, says, "Senator, why do you do this every single time? You've got to stop. Every time I have you on the air, and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face. I'm getting sick of it."

Hannity tries 3 times to get Cruz to explain, but Cruz reverts his talking points, listing the states that he's won and saying momentum is on his side.

Listen to the AUDIO: Cruz blames everything on whining Trump supporters.
Good for Sean for calling him out on it.