Krauthammer: If Trump's The Nominee, It Will Be a 'Catastrophic' Result in the General. It 'Will Make Barry Goldwater Look Like a Roaring Success'

Charles talks to O'Reilly about Trump's chances.

He says, 'all the Democrats have to do is play every thing he has said up until now'

Krauthammer, after previously saying Hillary Clinton was 'eminently defeatable,' now says Trump will get blown out in the general election in November (by Hillary)

Just a thought- Notice how the other side never, ever says their candidate will get crushed in the general election. It never happens, even if they think it! But on our side, it's a different story. Every single day, pundits on cable news and even the candidates themselves talk about how we will lose in November.  It just makes no sense.

Watch Charles say the same. Ugh.