Krauthammer: If Trump Can't Get to 1,237, the Simple Solution is to Offer the VP Slot to Kasich

Kasich says no way, no how, on being VP, but I think most people believe he'd take the #2 spot in a nanosecond.

Charles Krauthammer outlined why the upcoming contests are critical for Ted Cruz.

Fox Host Shannon Bream noted that Trump currently holds 49 percent of support in California, while Cruz holds 22 and Kasich has 20.

"That's a New York massacre," for Cruz,  Krauthammer said.

Entertaining the idea that Trump comes up short in those states, Krauthammer said the frontrunner has an "easy solution" -- offer Kasich the position of running mate.

"The New York result, 61 percent for Trump, was so overwhelming that I think it had a psychological effect, where if nobody stops Trump in any of these states -- notably Indiana or somewhere on the West Coast -- it's going to be hard to see how he's denied the nomination" Krauthammer added


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