Bill Maher: U.S. Military 'Most Ridiculous Mass Murder Machine The World Has Ever Seen' (VIDEO)

No way he said that-
Oh yes he did.
This is unbelievable.

via newsbusters  Brad Wilmouth (nice catch)
On his Real Time show on Friday, HBO comedian Bill Maher referred to the U.S. military as a "mass murder machine" as he recalled that the reason he likes Bernie Sanders so much is because the Vermont socialist is the only presidential candidate who would argue against building a bigger military.

A bit earlier, as he discussed with the New Yorker's Lawrence Wright the possibility of Saudi government officials being linked to the 9/11 attacks, Maher also made a crass reference to Tea Party conservatives -- whom he has mocked in the past as "teabaggers" -- by referring to Muslim extremists in Pakistan who want to be able to marry children as "teabaggers" who objected to a "meddling federal government stopping us from marrying children."

MAHER: And, of course, our military is not shrinking. We have the most ridiculous rock-with-your-c***-out [pauses for audience laughter] -- mass murder machine the world has ever seen. So who, at the debate, would stand up and challenge-