WATCH------> Trump Senior Advisor Has Near Meltdown During CNN Panel Discussion

Stephen Miller, an advisor to Trump, literally blows up at GOP official during discussion about sexism in the presidential campaign

A CNN panel this morning went off-the-rails after a senior advisor to Donald Trump dismissed “feigned” outrage over Trump retweeting a nasty attack on Heidi Cruz‘s looks.

Stephen Miller voiced objections to the media getting so worked up about this instead of immigration, but Jake Tapper pointed out, “Mr. Trump is the one who has set this table.”

Miller complained about how D.C. “works itself up into a feigned indignation” over this, but Tapper jumped in to say he doesn’t think “anybody’s feigning anything.”

Former GOP official Doug Heye pounced and expressed some disgust with Miller’s recent CNN interview where––as Heye put it––Miller wanted to “agree to disagree on sexism.” Miller blew up and started shouting, “That is absolutely inappropriate!… You misquoted me, that’s a lie!”