VIDEO----> Woman Business Owner Getting Threats After Appearing On Stage With Donald Trump

Her sign? 'Latinos Support Trump'

2 days after Betty Rivas took center stage, next to the Republican front runner Donald Trump at a rally in Tucson, she has been harassed at her business. Trump spotted not her, but her sign which read "Latinas support D. Trump."

Betty and her husband Jorge own Sammy's Mexican Grill. She has received dozens of phone calls, many saying Betty Rivas and her family are racists, they are being called vulgar names, they also are getting threats.

Rivas owns the restaurant in Catalina, and she posted a photo of her and Trump on stage on her own Facebook page. But, she says some of her friends must not have agreed, sharing the post and putting her family business at the center of this controversy.

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Rivas says she has the right to support anybody she wants-