Trump To GOP: "If I Get Out" My Supporters Are Going With Me

Trump: If the establishment throws me out, my voters will stay home on election day.

Donald Trump on Thursday flirted with launching an independent bid if it he does not lock up the Republican presidential nomination after turning out "millions" of voters.

"The establishment — they want to throw that right out the window. Because if I get out, all those people are going, they're all going with me," Trump said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe.'

Pressed about whether he was still willing to run as an independent, Trump said, "Well, look. Do I want to? No. I'm leading by a lot [among] Republicans."

"But they're spending now $100 million on negative, phony ads on Trump University," Trump said. Pushed again on potentially launching a third-party bid if Republicans do not unite behind him, Trump referred to the letter he signed with the Republican National Committee (RNC) last year pledging to support the GOP.

"I signed a letter with the RNC and I said I want to do this as a Republican," Trump said. "But I'm not being treated the right way. I'm not being treated properly." "Whether I ran as an independent or not, those people will never go out and vote ... they didn't vote for Romney last time," Trump said.