Sheriff Clarke: Protesters at Trump Rally Are 'Anarchists' Who 'Advocate Violence' (VIDEO)

CLARKE: This is a threat to ordered liberty in the United States...
The Sheriff says he believes the Chicago Police “were under-resourced last night,” and should have been “able to accomplish their mission – which was to have this rally go on.”

Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on the violence that unfolded at Friday's cancelled Donald Trump rally, calling the recorded clashes planned “rebellions” that were “brought on by riot-starters.”

The GOP candidate called off his event last night, saying he didn't want to see "people get hurt" after protesters packed into the Chicago arena where it was to take place.

“You have to identify these creeps for who they are. They’re anarchists,” said Clarke. “They advocate violence, and they advocate chaos to bring down our legally constituted government.”

The Milwaukee County Sheriff called last night’s episodes “a threat to ordered liberty in the United States of America