One Day After Yucking It Up With Castro in Cuba, Obama Does the Tango In Argentina

Rudy Giuliani put it best: The president should have cut his trip short after the Brussels terrorist attack and headed back to Washington. He shouldn't be at a baseball game, he should be in the Situation Room. "It's outrageous."

Photos: O in Argentina
What a leader!

(Photo AFP)

After taking in a baseball game in Havana, Cuba on Tuesday, the first couple headed to Argentina where they attended the state dinner in Buenos Aires with the country's president Mauricio Macri and first lady Juliana Awada.

During the dinner, the president and his wife took a lesson from the locals as they danced the tango with what appeared to be professional dance partners.

Although the entire Obama family observed a moment of silence in light of the Brussels attacks, Obama still faced backlash when he decided against returning to America.

Here is video from Argentina news television