Obama Privately Tells Democrats To Unite Around Hillary Clinton

'Doesn't exactly sound like an indictment from Obama's DOJ is coming down the pike anytime soon...

President Obama last week urged a closed-door gathering of Democratic donors to rally around Hillary Clinton

Obama acknowledged to the donors that Clinton suffers from a perceived lack of authenticity, but called it an overrated political virtue, the report said.

Obama said that his predecessor, George W. Bush, was thought to be an authentic politician, but reminded donors he successfully ran against Bush's record in his first presidential campaign.

The comments were made in Austin, Texas, during a private question-and-answer session with donors, some of whom described the president's remarks to the Times

Mindful about keeping the party united going into November, Obama was careful not to officially endorse a candidate in front of the donors.

Donors said the president urged Democrats to come together around Clinton to prevent an opening for Republican front-runner Donald Trump