Jeb Bush Weighs Rubio Endorsement Ahead of Florida Primary

Bush official: It's a 'possibility'

I'm guessing an endorsement from Jeb would do very little for Marco in Florida. The same Jeb Bush relentlessly blasted Marco Rubio a month ago for not showing up in the senate and having no real record.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (CNN) —As rivals, Jeb Bush repeatedly called Marco Rubio a "backbench" senator of little accomplishment, accused him of "cutting and running" on the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and suggested he has nothing in his background that would indicate he could make a "tough decision."

Now the former Florida governor, who dropped out of the 2016 race last month, has to decide whether he's going to endorse his former opponent ahead of Florida's all-important primary on March 15.

A former Bush campaign official who asked not to be identified to speak more freely believes it's a "possibility" Bush will endorse Rubio, especially if Bush thinks it can "make a big difference and slow Trump down."

The former campaign official said an endorsement would not be awkward, even though things between Bush and Rubio got ugly toward the end of Bush's campaign.

"I think the governor was pretty straight about it, that he always said, 'This is my view on (Rubio's) experience and accomplishments, but he's a friend.' I think the governor's a big enough of an adult to forget that stuff. 

Flashback Jeb: Marco Rubio has no record of accomplishment and would be a 'risky bet'