Harry Reid: Never, Ever Underestimate Trump

Reid: Trump is hard to predict

politico reported:
Harry Reid has some advice for Democrats already celebrating Hillary Clinton as the next president: Don’t underestimate Donald Trump.

Republicans are now positing that Trump could bring disenchanted voters back to the GOP to help them compete in the Rust Belt.  Asked about Trump reshaping the map, Reid said the party should brace for how unpredictable this election could be with Trump on the ballot.
"Never, ever, ever underestimate Trump. No one should do that. I tried, others have tried. He's a hard guy to predict,” Reid said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “One of the most unorthodox candidates for the presidency in modern times. Certainly in modern times, post-modern times. A real unusual deal we have here."
Still, Reid would not say whether he would prefer that Dems face Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz. The minority leader said flatly: “I don’t think it matters.”

"You have one who has been plotting to be president for six or seven months. That's Trump. You have Cruz, who has been plotting to be president since he was in elementary school,” Reid said.