Bill Kristol: I Hope a Third Party Candidate Comes Forward

Alternate Headline: Bill Kristol cool with a Hillary Clinton landslide.

This is absolute insanity.

Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, tells Newsmax TV he hopes a third-party candidate will emerge if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are anointed the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees.

"I just don't think [Trump] has the character or temperament to be president of the United States ... and we're certainly not going to vote for Hillary," Kristol said Friday to J.D. Hayworth on "Newsmax Prime."

"There are a lot of fine Republicans and conservatives in the country, some of them are retired generals, some of them are businessmen, some of them are civic leaders, some of them are retired or current senators or governors.

"Let's see if anyone comes forward. Maybe it's all just a pipe dream. I'm willing to acknowledge it's possible that this won't happen."

And what would a third party be called? "I kind of like the Federalist Party. They were a great party for the first 12 years in the republic before they went out of business. The Alexander Hamilton Party, there are a lot of good names," said Kristol, whose publication is a leading conservative opinion magazine.