Ben Carson Announces Campaign is Over

Thank God. Ben Carson said he looked at the delegate count, "did the math" and "simply realized it wasn't going to happen."

Carson finished dead last in 6 states and second last in 8 states. He ended up with a total of 8 delegates. Unbelievable. And Ben Carson took in a mind-boggling $58 million and spent (wait for it) a whopping $16 million on campaign 'consultants.'  I fail to understand how this is all glossed over when everybody talks about what a wonderful, honest man Ben Carson is.

yahoo news
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The socially conservative doctor whose inspirational biography and deeply held faith galvanized the red blood of America this past fall officially announced that he is leaving the campaign trail Friday.

With characteristic earnestness, Ben Carson assured the crowd at the American Conservative Union’s 2016 Political Action Conference (CPAC) that he would keep fighting on behalf of “we the people” — albeit not as a contender for commander in chief.

“I’m hopeful that some people, now that I am leaving the campaign trail …” Carson said before pausing. The crowd was audibly upset before rising to its feet with thunderous applause for the job he’s done so far.

Carson continued, “Even though I might be leaving the campaign trail, you know there’s a lot of people who love me even if they won’t vote for me, I’m still going to be heavily involved to save our nation.”

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